Reeve Benaron Works to promote and get approval for Accurate Antigen Tests

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Two Different Covid-19 Tests


Reeve Benaron Works to promote and get approval for Accurate Antigen Tests. These two different covid tests are OTC Covid-19 Antigen Testing and PCR Test. The FDA has given emergency authorization for the Covid antigen test, which requires less time, and is available for home use. Reeve Benaron has pushed for fast and effective testing for Covid-19 to help get America back on its feet. He wishes to see people free to go to work or school free of fear of having Covid.


Limits of the Antigen Test


The healthcare and business expert states that the antigen test may show a false positive, requiring a follow-up PCR test. The antigen test is less sensitive than the PCR test, giving a false positive, another reason for a follow-up PCR test. However, healthcare expert and successful businessman Reeve Benaron says the tests show 100% accurate results and 97% precise sensitivity.


Although antigen tests are quicker than PCR tests, the PCR test is considered a more accurate test and is highly respected. Reeve Benaron adds that PCR tests need to be processed in a lab and may take 1-3 days, but they are considered the most correct.


The business mentor and technology investor keeps on stating how the antigen test discovers whether your body has built up any antigens for the covid virus but does not test whether you are currently showing any symptoms. The Covid-19 test PCR test looks for bits of the covid-19 in your body, while antigen tests look for protein manufactured by the body to fight covid-19. Reeve Benaron is helping with the research on this new antigen test. 

The new Covid-19 Antigen tests work best in people who are showing symptoms but will also indicate positive for people who have been exposed and show no signs as the healthcare expert finally adds. Reeve Benaron explains that people can take these tests at home, in a clinic, pharmacy, or medical office. It does not require an appointment because antigen tests are available and accessible.