Reeve Benaron Was Early in Bringing a Covid-19 Self-Test to the Market

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When Covid-19 emerged in 2020, entrepreneurs like Reeve Benaron recognized a need for rapid testing. Armed with the knowledge and experience required to bring game-changing technology projects to the marketplace quickly, he formed Intrivo with a partner and became its co-CEO. Its flagship product, on/go is a Covid-19 antigen self-test that individuals can use at home to see if they are infected with this disease.


Receiving Emergency Use Authorization From the FDA


Helping individuals across the United States receive accurate testing results for Covid-19 became a mission for the healthcare expert soon after the disease emerged. Reeve Benaron states how, after finding a partner to launch a company in this space, on/go was created. 


Using this Covid-19 nasal swab test provides accurate results in 10 minutes. Soon after it was launched, it received emergency use authorization from the FDA, making it a safe method to utilize when individuals believe they’ve been infected with the debilitating disease. Reeve Benaron is supervising the whole process. 


Part of the Overall Toolkit To Fight Against Covid-19


Using an overall toolkit to fight against Covid-19 can be helpful, according to Reeve Benaron. Getting tested accurately is the first step in this process. Using the on/go Covid-19 antigen self-test allows a person to know if they have the disease. 


Reeve’s Entrepreneurial History


As a health tech entrepreneur with a history of success, Reeve Benaron firmly believes that startups are one of the best ways to tackle problems when they emerge. He has a background in investment banking and was named First Vice-President of Salomon Brothers investment banking division early in his career. Reeve Benaron’s health-tech company Intrivo, in keeping with its goal of making path-breaking changes to healthcare, has launched the On/Go One test to make Covid-19 testing for variants easy.