Josh Garza

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JOSH GARZA: A Bonham Drummer Who Fashions His Approach

Josh Garza is one of the music industry’s most influential and in-demand drummers.

His signature sound is heavily influenced by Bonham’s seminal style and pulls it into his style.

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Josh Garza’s drumming style is recognizable and instantly noticeable because of his heavy funk and soul influences. His beats are dynamic and syncopated, always keeping the rhythm moving forward.

He often incorporates different drum sizes, such as a Tama kit and a Bass drum, giving his shows an extra spice.

Additionally, he is a master of double-bass playing, which gives his fills an intense groove.

Josh Garza Describes How a Modern Drummer Gets their Catchy Groove

If you want your drums to sound catchy, you must learn both timing and groove.

By doing this, you’ll be able to create a strong foundation for your music, and your audience will love your performance.

The first step to getting a catchy groove is understanding timing.

The drum set is a percussion instrument, so the drummer has to be on time with the other devices.

This means the drummer must have a good sense of rhythm and timing.

They need to know when to start and stop playing and when to hit different drums in succession.

Next, modern drummers need to learn how to play with a groove created by the drummer’s patterns and the tempo at which they play them.

If you want your drums to sound catchy, you must learn how to create a groove.

You can use fills or phrasing techniques to add extra energy or interest to your playing or use accents or syncopation to help make a more substantial track.


Josh Garza’s influence goes beyond just the music world.

He has also been credited with helping to popularize electronic music in mainstream culture.

His beats are perfect for electronica tracks, and his signature sound has helped make him one of the best drummers.

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