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John Bonham has influenced a lot of drummers.

Few drummers claim to capture the thunder of Bonham.

Josh Garza is one of them.

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Josh Garza spent years studying the drumming techniques of John Bonham.

He did a recent interview with MD.

Garza discussed how the legacy of Bonham influenced his approach.

It motivated him to play the drums.

He compared Bonham to Jimmy Hendrix.

Bonham merged the technical and the creative.

It is something Josh Garza always strived to do with his playing.

The approach Bonham had was musical.

Garza thinks drumming is missing this today.

Garza also discussed the importance of feel and groove.

It is something he feels Bonham mastered.

The group has a self-titled album, Secret Machines.

It was released earlier this year.

The album features some of Garza’s most inspired playing to date.

The influence of Bonham is still very much present in his music.

The size of drums Garza uses has everything to do with his sound.

Josh explains that his Tama kit has:

– Two 16-inch floor toms

– A 14-inch rack tom

– A 28-inch bass drum.

He has them tuned the same as Bonham.

Bonham is known for tuning his drums high. Josh has found that this tuning produces a great sound on his kick drum

. The batter head is tuned high and tight, and the resonant head is loose.

Josh Garza has an obsession with John Bonham.

It began at an early age.

Drawn to the thunderous sound of Bonham’s drums, Garza practiced emulating his idol. He soon developed his unique style, which earned him critical acclaim.

Even though his drumming is not exactly like Bonham’s, it is influenced by him.

Garza has a hard-hitting style.

It is the result of hours of practice and experimentation.

His passion for the drums is evident in his performances. His fans appreciate his dedication to his art.

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