Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson According to The Daily Journal

Damien Granderson is a lawyer and entertainer who has been practicing at his law firm California, United States, since 1998. In 2010, he formed the world-renowned company Granderson Des Rochers LLP which specializes in entertainment law and boasted a purported 96% success rate.


  1. Experience


Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson began his career as a lawyer for an insurance defense firm in Chicago, Illinois, United States. After only six months, he left that firm to join another firm as an advice lawyer. At this second firm, Damien was quickly promoted from advice lawyer to litigation and trial attorney. In 1998, Damien entered private practice and began working at his law firm in California.


  1. Achievements


Damien’s success in entertainment law is undeniable as he has helped numerous artists with contractual issues and successfully represented them throughout the process. He works with many top producers, including Justin Timberlake and Jamie Foxx.


  1. Damien Granderson´s Specialties


Most notably, Damien specializes in contract negotiation, intellectual property law, and music licensing. He is well-versed in all significant aspects of the music industry, including songs, lyrics, performances, and recordings.


  1. Awards

He has been mentioned in many notable magazines, including Billboard and Power 100. In addition, Damien Granderson has had two Grammy nominations for his work with The Black Eyed Peas and Wyclef Jean. In 2012, Damien was selected to the “Top Lawyers” list by the Daily Journal.


  1. Investments

Damien Granderson has made several investments in the entertainment industry, including investments in music and film companies. Damien’s love for the entertainment industry and his passion for helping others have led him to achieve great success and make wise investments. For some, Damien Granderson´s success is a source of inspiration and motivation. Many others would instead not be reminded of their failures; however, as a famous attorney who helps many different entertainment professionals, Damien has left his mark on the entertainment world. Damien is a man of many talents and successes, and his work in the entertainment industry will continue to be an influential part of his life.