Chichi Eburu Gives Grants to Black Owned Businesses

Chichi Eburu, a wealthy African woman, has established a foundation to provide financial assistance and grants to black-owned businesses.

Eburu said that she wants to be able to help black communities where it’s needed through the foundation because of what she knows about black people being left out of the American economy for years. The businesswoman mentioned how even though many blacks were successful and received awards for their work; there were also still those blacks struggling with unemployment. She believes that when black communities struggle economically, it translates into their children not having what they need financially, which can contribute to them giving up on things like education.

Chichi Eburu Achievements

Chichi Eburu has made progress in the business sector as co-founder of the Chisholm Trail Group, a financial services and investment company. She has also started her foundation, which helps to provide grants to start-up businesses owned by black women.

Eburu believes that black women have been left out of the American economy for many years because they lack the funding to start successful businesses. She thinks this was not deserved by black women who were skilled and excellent at what they did. That is why she created her foundation, which provides grants to help needy black women trying to start their businesses and take them off the ground.

Chichi Eburu entered the business world after working for another organization based in Philadelphia. The African American founded her own company right after that so she could be recognized as an African American female entrepreneur and help other black women who are beginning their businesses. In addition, her company has already provided over $6 million in funds for small businesses to help start because of grants she has established through her foundation.

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