Who Is Greg Blatt?

Greg Blatt is a tech executive who when he first earned his undergraduate degree, he was unsure with what exactly he was supposed to do and where he should go. So, he traveled many different locations to try and figure where he wanted to go next.

Those places included Budapest, Hungary, France, and San Francisco. While Greg Blatt still had not found what he was looking for he decided to visit Telluride which if he was honest, he did not think would be much different than the other places that he had visited.

However, he was delightfully wrong. He absolutely loved the town and decided to settle in the town. He lived out of a tent and was able to make a living there being a bar tender along with preforming odd jobs for example panting. He loved and immersed himself in everything this wonderful town had to offer from festivals to skiing. As much as he loved it here, he still felt something was missing so he went on to New York and got his law degree.

After now almost three decades away from the town he is thrilled to move back to the town he has missed and loved so much. A little bit more information on Greg Blatt is that he is the former CEO and Chairman of The Match Group. He has help other executive roles such as the CEO of the well-known dating app Tinder and IAC family of companies.

He has also had the honor of being on General Counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He has also been an associate at two different law firms in his past. So, as you can see, Blatt is a well-rounded individual with many different experiences both personally along with his professional life with lots of different experiences. Go to this page for additional information.


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