What the LifeWave CEO (David Schmidt) Learned About Focus Over the Past 20 Years

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Focus gives people the ability to achieve what is important to them and allows them to get important things done.

A focus that can be cultivated by just focusing on a single area of importance keeps you going. When people focus, they succeed.

“Focus is a form of mental discipline,” says David Schmidt.

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“Focusing on the product helps it come to life.”

Schmidt believes in the power of focus to help accelerate and innovate new products, and this is the approach he has taken at LifeWave.

During a manufacturing process, Schmidt spends most of his time building the pieces of the product. His team finishes the product by testing in the field.

In a new article published by Forbes, LifeWave Founder, and CEO, Schmidt talks about the importance of focus in his work. It is a superpower that helps him get ahead.

With a focus on health and wellness products, an important part of this process is innovating and testing new designs in a laboratory setting.

He also discusses how he manages to grow LifeWave and continue delivering new offerings.

“It is important for companies to align their team’s focus on the same goal,” said Schmidt.

“It is important for companies to align their team’s focus on the same goal.”

The Power of Focus

Focus is a word that is in constant use by leaders around the world.

With constant communication and access to news, what many of us overlook is that sometimes one important message can be lost in all the other noise.

Schmidt shares a powerful example that illustrates this principle of focusing on one task.

“The old steel mill that employed hundreds of men, all with different skill sets, wouldn’t know what to do without a millhand to carefully remove the steel to produce nails,” Schmidt says.

“A steel mill can’t run without a millhand, it needs them.”

Keep it Simple

The focus needed for working through the various stages of innovation is a simple one.

“Have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve, and focus on developing a simple yet elegant solution,” Schmidt says.