What is PosiGen Solar Energy?

Among its many mission statements, PosiGen wants to improve community life, create jobs, and promote diversity. To accomplish its mission statement, PosiGen focuses on four key ideas. Let’s take a closer look. What are the main goals of PosiGen? How can you help it succeed?


First and foremost, the PosiGen solar power company’s mission is to make clean energy accessible to low and moderate-income families. The firm’s unique business model leverages solar tax credits to offer low and moderate-income households financial assistance and financing. The PosiGen company leases solar panels to homeowners without requiring any upfront money, or a minimum credit score. The system must reduce energy bills by a significant amount. 


Additionally, PosiGen solar power company offers energy efficiency services that can help homeowners reduce their energy bills. While some consumers may question the benefits of the solar power services, the company’s payment options make it a viable option for many homeowners. The company installs and maintains its systems at no upfront cost. Customers who aren’t interested in incentives should opt for the lease option. 


This option allows customers to enjoy a low upfront cost while getting a great return on investment. PosiGen solar firm also offers low-cost outreach programs to educate homeowners and the general public about the benefits of solar energy (Nola).

While the company has been operating in Louisiana for about ten years, the company recently expanded outside of the state. It has opened new offices in Albany, New York, and Bridgeport, Connecticut. Though its most recent expansion outside of Louisiana has been backed by the Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank, the new investment will fund PosiGen’s expansion into other states. The new funding will go towards marketing, expansion, and product improvements.