The Changes Alejandro Betancourt Brought To the Sunglasses Company and Its Transformation

The success story of Hawkers Company goes back to when the four founders decided to start a sunglasses company that would manufacture high-quality products. By then, several eyewear brands in Europe were manufacturing law-quality eyewear products and selling them at high prices. Therefore, when hawkers started manufacturing their products, they enjoyed a good reception in the market.

However, just as the company started building a client base outside Spain, it started facing financial challenges. That affected their services significantly to a point where the founders contemplated closing it down. Its closure could have ended the dream the four friends had of providing quality products at affordable prices. Luckily Alejandro Betancourt Lopez found out about the firm’s financial challenges and offered to help. His main role was to provide financial assistance to help the company overcome its financial challenges.

Apart from the financial help, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also wanted to improve its products to make them better than all the other products in the market. His first mission was to invest in research to know what products could attract more customers. Second, however, he wanted to keep the prices lower than their competitors. The two strategies worked because more customers started buying Hawkers products because of their quality, variety, and affordable prices.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez then took over at the helm of the sunglasses company. By then, his recovery strategies were working well, and the firm’s client base was growing all over Europe. However, Betancourt continues to develop better marketing strategies that helped to increase sales significantly.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was the perfect leader the company needed to help them to continue operating. As a leader, Betancourt takes time to talk to the employees whenever he feels they need encouragement. That gives them the motivation to keep working even when the company is facing challenges.

Since Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined the company, its reputation has increased significantly in different countries. Besides, his strategies have helped the firm to grow and create more employment opportunities.