The Career Journey and Achievements of Laura Rea Dickey

Laura Dickey is one of the top-most recognized executives in the US. She is a marketing and information technology specialist who has been very resourceful in managing and expanding Dickey’s Barbecue restaurant. After leaving the Christian Texas University and before joining the family business, Rea Dickey worked with several companies specializing in creating campaigns that develop and take the organization’s brand national. She also worked with prominent brands such as Blue Mesa, American Heart Association, W Hotels, and others. Her twenty-plus working experience in IT and marketing has made her a master in turning data insights into amicable solutions and successful brands.

Laura dickey joined Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants in 2009, managed by his husband then. His husband, Roland Jr, brought her in to help digitize and smoothen the company’s operations and take the franchise global through marketing. Though the time Laura Rea’s husband took over the management of the enterprise it was successful, it was still a local business. Focused on helping it find both national and international presence, he decided to adopt emerging information technology. His wife was his first choice since she was an expert in the IT and marketing fields.

After working for some time as a consultant, she brought significant developments, proving an asset that saw her join the company on full-time basis under the CIO position. Marketing, IT, and training were the major tasks of Dickey’s position, which she performed well. Besides developing strategic marketing approaches, she also made critical developments in the communications and IT departments.

In the company where she is now the CEO, Laura Dickey has spearheaded most vital projects that have seen the company experience lightning growth and development. She personally oversaw the setting up of the first two Dickey’s Barbecue’s international branches based in Dubai and Dhabi. By showcasing her talent through the company, Laura Rea Dickey has received many awards over the years. Different local and national magazines have continually recognized her exemplary performance.

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