Sudhir Choudhrie Fighting the Titin Gene Mutation Effects through Increased Genetic Testing 

Individuals regularly relocate according to needs and targets. Sudhir Choudhrie moved to London to become an accomplished entrepreneur after being raised and schooled in India. His interests range from healthcare, hospitality to aviation. He also enjoys collecting classic vintage cars and currently holds an iconic car collection. Choudhrie experiences significant hardship from hailing from a financially poor background to his life-threatening cardiac illness throughout his early childhood.

Without money to treat his cardiac illness, the damage kept piling up until his condition became critical with two instances of heart failure. Being genetic, Rajiv, brother to Sudhir Choudhrie, had severe heart conditions. Rajiv’s situation was far gone, and he succumbed in 1997 while undertaking the tedious and eventful compatible donor search. Sudhir Choudhrie grieves his brother and is pain-stricken by the situation to date.

In his published book, he stated that he believes his condition was critical in 1998 because Rajiv died in 1997. Choudhrie underwent a successful surgery headed by Dr. Mehmet Oz and continues living life appreciating and cherishing its components. Titin gene, the congenital cardiac defect that attacked the two brothers Rajiv and Sudhir, increases the opportunity of developing coronary heart disease. Research by the British Heart Foundation estimates more than 620,000 individuals live with the titin gene in the United Kingdom and more

Gene carriers have increases likelihood but are not automatically prone to developing heart disease. All Choudhrie children got tested as routine, and Dhairya, Anita, and Sudhir’s youngest son were diagnosed with the gene. He follows medical, nutritional advice by eating healthier to avoid saturated fats. Choudhrie also eats red meat weekly, avoiding overconsuming.

Despite having the condition, Dhairya was happy since he recognized his propensity earlier on. The London entrepreneur, unfortunately, learned about the propensity to develop heart conditions late.

Background Information

Dhairya pushed Choudhrie to share his health life story to raise general awareness. It also serves others as an invaluable lesson to live life regardless of their circumstances.