Quentin Flannery: The Entrepreneur of His Time

Quentin Flannery is a renowned Australian Philanthropist and entrepreneur. His primary interest lies in resources, trading, and energy investments, and he has served in his family companies as a director. He wears many hats, and he is a board member of various upcoming and growing businesses. Besides, Quentin Flannery boasts a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and the Chinese language from the Queensland University of Technology. His educational background has played a significant role in his entrepreneurial success. Mainly when working with Chinese and several Asian companies.


Experience in Resource Sector


As earlier mentioned, Quentin’s primary interest lies in the resource sector. He had the chance to work for Yancoal Australia Limited as the youngest marketing manager in the country’s coal sector. The company entrusted Quentin Flannery with the responsibility of handling over $1BN revenue. Because of his entrepreneurship background from a tender age, he took the Yancoal Australia Limited company by storm. He led its thermal sales into massive expansions in other countries like China. He brought the company to the limelight and transformed it to become Australia’s largest pure coal producer. 


Today Quentin runs his family charity arm named Flattery Foundation. The Foundation is behind over 20 charities in Australia. Quentin contributes heavily to Australia Charity, Act for kids, where he works as a corporate ambassador. He also runs the Flattery sand project, which aims at producing one of the world’s purest silica sand. According to Quentin Flannery, this will replace the riverbed sand following the outlaw of its mining in the developed world. It will also be effective as a sand replacement with high demand following high construction volumes globally.