QNET On How Direct Selling Contributes To The Economy In India

India is still largely an un-penetrated market for Direct Selling, but QNET has been working hard over the years to change this by implementing its well-proven approach of starting from scratch and growing locally through educating women on how they can become successful entrepreneurs themselves by selling products such as nutritional supplements, beauty care items, cosmetics, etc., which they import into India from the QNET warehouse in Dubai.

QNet has a team of dedicated and motivated people passionate about empowering women across the country to take control of their lives by becoming successful entrepreneurs themselves, using Direct Selling as a means to generate income for themselves and contribute significantly towards family finance. Our firm belief is that when families prosper – communities will prosper, and the country as a whole will develop, which is why we are keen to help as many women as possible find success in Direct Selling.

QNet India works closely with local associations and organizations such as The National Association of Women, WE-Women Empowering Women, the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), and others who share our vision and work tirelessly towards helping families move out of poverty and into prosperity.

QNet has helped numerous women to discover their entrepreneurial skills, take charge of their lives, contribute towards the family income – directly or indirectly by supporting a family member through education, etc., which is why we have been able to reach more than 100 villages across Maharashtra state in just two years with our direct selling business.

We are also working with the Government of Maharashtra to help reduce poverty in rural areas by offering women a means to earn an income through Direct Selling, which will provide them with additional household income and help improve living standards for their family members as well.

QNet aims to empower individuals across India and around the world through entrepreneurship, which is why we have recently launched our Women Empowerment Program in India, where women are being provided with the training and support, they need to become successful entrepreneurs. Refer to this page for additional information.


Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=328U3GXPJdA, for more information.