Ombori's collaboration with H&M comapny

Ombori was founded by a businessman called Andreas Hassellof. It is the most significant fashion design industry that deals with the exhibition of hilarious fashions that are worn mainly by prominent people. Their retail services are very comprehensive since digital innovations were done to provide relevant information about the company by installing a tremendous app that enables customers globally to access newly designed fashions. To increase its productivity, Ombori decided to collaborate with H&M company to strategically stimulate its functions after visiting their space layout to orient how they specialize their modified moves.

Since the two companies have been associating for years and carrying out beneficial projects together, such as H&M Magic Mirrors and H&M Garment Collecting Program, they anticipated venturing on a more pronounced project that would trend worldwide due to its impact on the fashion criteria. The collections are visualized on computerized equipment enabling customers to review the products and give back feedback regarding the modeling of the collections. The H&M Magic Mirror is a selfie-like project that allows clients to picture themselves while touring around the platforms and during extravagant events such as an exhibition. This fascinates the quality of the collections and creates an eloquent experience that can be used for future reference regarding the collection products. The innovation is situated in the New York City store. It has lured many foreigners to come and evaluate the essence of the platform, which is used for the iconic stickers that advertise the company’s collection designs.

The garment Collecting Bins was very efficient in that it utilized adequate resources by recycling back overused clothes and designing them back to rich the customer’s demands. This innovation helped the Ombori company approximate the quantity of the products sold. The transformation of the collections is done through the site to ease the movement of employees from one place to another. The two companies are determined to improve the customers’ interests globally by calculations of more reliable technological facilities.

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