Leonid Radvinsky on the Power of Open Source

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Most technology companies and thought leaders are adamant about keeping algorithms, programming languages, and frameworks proprietary. This is in an effort to prevent competitors from adopting similar methodologies or using the information to improve their own processes. However, Leonid Radvinsky feels differently and advocates for software developers to make more of their projects open source.

As a long-time proponent of open source development, Radvinsky believes that removing barriers to entry in software development allows technologists of all skill levels the opportunity to contribute and improve user experience, regardless of their location or employment. The power of open source language lies in its decentralization, which Radvinsky also feels is the future of web development.

Leo Radvinsky has been an enduring supporter of Elixir and increasing the language’s reach and applications. The open source functional programming language is built on Erlang and designed to be virtually crash proof. Unlike proprietary web coding, Elixir is intended to continue functioning even when systems fail. Radvinsky has been an ardent sponsor of Elixir’s open source development and made it the gold standard for the other projects in which he invests because he believes that technologists working together can make a superior product and spur innovation more effectively than walling off this set of skills and knowledge.

By promoting decentralized information management, Elixir makes scalability incredibly simple and cost effective; all one must do is add more servers. Each Elixir server functions independently and can be fine-tuned with its own parameters, making architecture more efficient and able to process data easily across multiple servers. A prominent example of Elixir’s utility is the social media and streaming app Discord, which is popular in the games and tech industries. Discord hosts millions of users and chat servers with a relatively small number of engineers needed for support.

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