Jessican Dean Legal Advice

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Jessica Dean is a lawyer who has been practicing law since the year 2003. She went to the University of Texas School of Law in Austin as a law school, graduating Cum Laude. She graduated from Boston University with a BA in Economics and Political Science in 1999, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

When it comes to Jessica Dean, you can get a free case review. Jessica Dean and Associates will look at your case and see if it is a candidate for what they do, which is holding companies accountable for taking risks with the health and lives of others by refusing to follow rules. The attorneys under Jessica Dean have helped people from all over the country to the tune of thousands.

In fact, Jessica Dean was named to the Top 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers of 2021 list for the reason that she and her firm has helped so many people. She is dedicated to the cause of seeing justice done, and checking companies that might exploit you and your family. If you think that this has happened to you, then it’s important to contact a lauded lawyer like Jessica. She will fight for damages that you might be entitled to due to a loss that you suffered as a result of the incompetence of others.

An example of this could be related to asbestos. Jessica once helped people recover millions of dollars in damages due to a failure to warn her client about danger from the defendant.