Interview summary with real estate professional and entrepreneur Kip Lewis

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Kip Lewis is a man who has dabbled in business and real estate investing for much of his life. The individual has primarily focused on the region of Round Rock, Texas. Kip Lewis attended Texas State University and the University of Texas at Austin. Lewis is very interested in historic preservation. According to Ideamensch, his company, Lewis Investments, is also based in Round Rock and has been in business for close to 30 years. Lewis Investments is also trusted by many clients and partners. His firm has purchased and renovated many classic historical commercial properties in the Round Rock region. Kip Lewis is also passionate about fixing the Austin and central texas cities homelessness crisis. The idea to create his own firm in Lewis Investments stemmed from his experience working for himself as a kid and even as an adult. He then founded Lewis Investments after having an interest in real estate. The real estate professional spends his days reading the newspaper and catching up on financial news with coffee. He then goes to his office where he reads emails, notes, checks in with staff members, and begins work on various projects. Lewis has to work with many engineers and architects to get real estate projects completed. He also has to manage the properties and scout new investments. When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Kip Lewis takes the emotion out of it and thoroughly evaluates what could happen. He does tend to go off his instincts. A trend that excites him is the boom of the RV industry, which has become a much cheaper form of housing with no property taxes and an RV that costs less than $100,000. A habit that makes him productive as an entrepreneur is staying calm and being patient during any situation. An unpopular but accurate view he shares is that everyone needs therapy. Some advice he would have given to his younger self was to get an education. He recommends other entrepreneurs not give in to the negativity and let it get the best of them and not be afraid of failure because it makes people better in the long scheme of things. After one mistake that led to Lewis losing an investment, he decided to listen to his instincts because it costed him big one time. Something he learned in the industry is to value banking relationships. He also recommends people use Rent Manager. And finally, a book he recommends people read is “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life” from James Hollis.