Hughes Marino Portfolio Lease Administration & Advisory

Commercial lease auditing is an essential component of any business, large or small, local or online, and in any sector. Many factors influence the demand for space, from the number of people living in a particular area to the availability of public transportation. Up to now, understanding these factors and their impact on your business is the first step in planning your lease auditing strategy. If you own a business, as Hughes Marino, you’ve probably thought about where your business is located and how that might affect your staff and operations. Here, we’ll explore Hughes Marino’s services.


  1. Portfolio Lease Administration & Advisory


Hughes Marino has been assisting clients in the lease auditing industry for over 30 years. We have the experience, knowledge, and ability to help you obtain the space you need. Whether it’s an office, warehouse, retail, or restaurant space, we can help you plan your strategy and find the best location to accommodate your needs and yours.


  1. Hughes Marino Sale-Leaseback Transactions


One of the most common maximizing space and revenue is through sale-leaseback. It is done through Hughes Marino representation firm. You can turn your property into a cash generator with a Hughes Marino lease. You can generate additional income by leasing your existing property to a third party while saving on maintenance costs and taxes.


  1. Commercial Lease Restructuring & Re-Leasing

Hughes Marino can help you re-lease your property with newer tenants who will pay more rent than your current tenants. We can also help you find a new tenant for your property when the lease is up. This helps you maintain a steady income and ensures that there is a market for your property.