Haroldo Jacobovicz Takes Horizons Telecom into the Future

For Haroldo Jacobovicz, being naturally intuitive has been one of the most important keys to his success as an entrepreneur and civil engineer. This natural intuition has allowed him to recognize emerging trends that will have major effects on budding, as well as existing markets. While his natural gifts have played a major role in his ability to navigate the murky waters of the entrepreneurial world, it is his hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, that have elevated him to his current position.

Today, Haroldo Jacobovicz works as the Chief Executive Officer of Horizons Telecom, which, since 2010, has grown to be one of the most renowned telecommunications companies in the entire region.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s rise to the top of Brazil’s telecommunications industry did not come without its obstacles, in fact, he originally saw himself pursuing a completely different career path. As the son of two civil engineers, naturally, he saw himself continuing their legacy.

This was the case until late in his college career when he began learning the intricacies of information technology. Immediately, his focus shifted from civil engineering to entrepreneurship, and soon after, he and a few friends launched Microsystem–a company geared at using automation to help organize the finances of existing entities.

The launching of Microsystem proved to be ahead of its time and was not heavily adopted by their expected clientele. Although Microsystem was ultimately unsuccessful, the knowledge and experience gained during this period of his life, proved to be invaluable, laying the foundation for many of his future endeavors. Haroldo Jacobovicz currently has more than 30 years of experience in his field and continues breaking new ground by implementing the most up-to-date strategies in his Horizons Telecom empire.

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