Gordonstoun School

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Gordonstoun is a distinguished school in Scotland that was started by Dr. Kurt Hahn, who is best known for the reputable Duke of Edinburgh`s prize.

He started it at Gordonstoun with the help of Prince Philip.

This award has impacted a lot of youths` lives in about 150 states.

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To comprehend Dr. Hahn`s contribution to this award, it is of great importance to bear in mind his initial dedication to virtues and uprightness.

He was born in Berlin, where he came up with his affluent teaching ideologies at the German University.

He also went to Oxford University, where his teaching spirit and outlook of the world were greatly influenced by his passion for Plato`s Democracy.

He also expressed admiration for specific aspects of the British public school procedure, which he first witnessed at Oxford.

Soon after the end of World War I, Hahn, in collaboration with Prince Max, started the Salem School.

The fact that he was against the Nazi appraising after the war and he clearly and boldly stated it put him in the line of danger, and he had to leave Germany.

He sought refuge in Scotland, where he founded a new school.

Inspired by his love for spreading knowledge and positively transforming young brains, he started sponsorship programs and received donations from well-off families in order to institute the British Salem School of Gordonstoun, whose name was sourced from the location it was built.

The school grew, and to date, it has expanded to more than 200 acres of land.

Gordonstoun not only prepares students for school but for life as well.

The school learning structure is designed in a way that encourages their students to achieve their academic potential as well as capabilities as human beings.

The school runs under the motto, ‘There is more in you,’ and this pushes the students to believe in themselves.

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