Georgette Mulheir: Time to Restore Haiti’s Democracy

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President Moise failed to organize the 2020 general election in Haiti, which has aggravated the political crisis. The President’s term was over in February 2021, but he has tightened his grip. Moise has ushered Haiti into a series of dictatorships with numerous episodes of human rights violations. In pursuit of reinstating Democracy in Haiti, Defend Haiti’s Democracy was birthed. Human rights activist Georgette Mulheir established the organization. She believes that the international leaders need to help Haitians restore their land’s democracy. President Moise stalled the general elections in 2020, which has left the country with no active parliament. 


The country doesn’t have local leaders. Instead, the President has appointed people loyal to him into the lead positions. A secret police unit has been assembled and given full judicial mandate. According to Georgette Mulheir, the unit reports to President Moise directly and is the chief perpetrator of the atrocities experienced in the country. Political gangs are coordinating with the President in attacking and persecuting his opponents. The President has defined 120 new orders and 41 ruling decrees. 


He has also facilitated a constitutional referendum which is oppressing the Haitians. Even though the President has planned a general election for the end of the year, Georgette believes it will not be fair. Voter ID laws have been amended and altered, and millions of voters are not eligible. The international world and leaders have been silent about the grave crisis in Haiti. Through Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Georgette Mulheir advocates for a transition government. She believes that the government, through President Moise, should pave the way to a transition government. The transition government will, therefore, plan a general election hence restoring democracy in Haiti. 

Human rights defendant Mulheir believes that human rights have been violated through gang kidnapping, murders, and rapes. Through the transition government, the judiciary will bring the perpetrators of the atrocities to justice. Born in 1968 in Oldham, she developed an unbeatable passion for social work and community service. Georgette Mulheir´s mother was a social worker, and her love for the community was ingrained in Georgette. She joined Sheffield University for a degree in Music, and that’s when she started working as a social worker. The US Website Social Work Degree Guide named Georgette as among the top thirty influential social workers globally.