Georgette Mulheir Brings Awareness to The Cruelty of The Haitian Regime

Haiti suffers from a tremendous amount of instability, according to activist Georgette Mulheir. She believes the current ruling political party is unable to meet the basic needs of its people. The system tends to worsen existing human rights issues and cannot address the financial distress of the country. Georgette Mulheir is a global activist and a promoter of human rights. For more than 30 years she has focused on improving the status-quo of orphanages around the world. She has implemented regulatory measures that have improved children’s lives and helped keep children at home with their families. 


Georgette Mulheir began working with children in the late 1980s. During the Krimean war she noticed that children were under severe stress when placed in public institutions. Over the years, she has worked to educate governments, institutional leaders and organizations on how to help and improve the lives of children. Now, she wants to bring focus to the deplorable conditions of the people of Haiti (Newsanyway). 


She hopes that global awareness will improve children’s lives and help people lead more fulfilling lives. Mulheir emphasises that Haiti needs the focus of international organizations like the United Nations. Political and humanitarian issues are escalating in the country. To raise awareness, she wants the media to bring attention to the illegal actions and the threats the current President, Jovenel Moise, is making. Georgette Mulheir is placing all of her efforts and energy into addressing the political problems of Haiti for now. The country has a right to a viable democracy, but every time a political party rises in popularity and tries to make changes, it is stifled by the current President. 


Candidates of opposing parties have gone missing, been threatened, or have had their family threatened. To help the people of Haiti defend their right to vote for change, Georgette Mulheir has established an organization called Defend Haiti’s Democracy. The idea is to bring awareness to the cruelty that is happening here. The current president has made many changes to the law and has changed the constitution so that it deprives voters of their right to vote for another political party. Georgette Mulheir also accuses the President of creating a secret police force that performs illegal threats and activities on his behalf. Opponents are threatened, beaten, kidnapped and even killed. Georgette Mulheir believes an oppressed country like Haiti has a right to change, to address gender inequality and to create equal standards for all of its citizens.