From Goldman Sachs To Fortress Investment Group – The Story of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is the Co-Chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group, helping the company grow and develop since joining the board of directors in November of 2006. Peter Briger has been with the company from March 2002 when he was a member of the Committee of Fortress, and in August of 2009 he was elected Co-Chairman.

Mr. Briger’s impressive academic track record consists of a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University, earned in 1986 as well as a master’s degree in Business administration, earned from Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. Due to his business acumen he found work as a member of Asian management for Goldman Sachs, which gave him the opportunity to gain the experience necessary in the financial industry. He stayed with the company for 15 years, being in charge of trading, real estate, loans and debt, and ultimately became a partner in 1996. After leaving Goldman Sachs he joined Fortress Investment and climbed the ranks in the course of 16 years. He is part of the credit and real estate sector. From a small business in 1988, the company turned into a key player in the financial market, managing assets of more than $65 billions, Peter Briger playing an important role in the firm’s growth and success.

Outside his professional commitments, Peter Briger also has several roles as part of boards of various institutions and organizations. He engages in philanthropy, being a board member of Global Fund Children and Central Park Conservancy. He invested more than $600 million in the maintenance of New York’s Central Park, and also supported various causes, such as providing quality education and helping kids from at risk demographics. Being an alumnus at Princeton University, Briger takes part in the Princeton University Investment organization, which offers support to upcoming entrepreneurs. He also created a program to assist graduates kickstart their business and shape their entrepreneurial spirit.

He is part of Forbes Top 400 wealthiest people in America, as a result of his contributions to Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment, his success proving the amount of deep knowledge he possesses, which in turn made him a billionaire. At the age of 51, Peter Briger has an impressive academic and professional record, earning him respect as well as an important place in the industry. He continues to work and lead Fortress, providing his investors with the necessary help to raise capital in the current economic environment.