Dr. Leen Kawas on the Critical Nature of Quality Data in Clinical Trials

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Dr. Leen Kawas is many things, including both a pharmacist and a scientist.

Throughout her long and storied career, she has been involved in a plethora of high-quality clinical trials – meaning that she’s seen up close and personal with where many of them go wrong.

For starters, there is sometimes an unfortunate disconnect between the “science” and “medical” sides of a trial – something that many people do not fully appreciate the impact of.

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These two sides need to work together, sharing information and collaborating for the benefit of not just the patient experience, but the data being collected.

Dr. Kawas firmly believes that all the pieces of the proverbial puzzle need to be in the right place when it comes to gathering data.

Sometimes in a study, there will be a general lack of understanding around the perspectives of key stakeholders at various stages of the process.

This, too, only harms the patient experience – leading to less-than-helpful data, which ultimately decreases the value of conducting the clinical trial in the first place.

It also calls the results of the trial into question.

Ultimately, Dr. Leen Kawas says that clinical trials can only generate helpful information if they’re built around clear questions.

They can’t be broad in nature – they need to be specific and direct.

Those questions also need to tie directly into the health of the patients who are participating.

Dr. Kawas says that the key to success is asking questions early and “keeping the input flowing” all the way through the end of the study.

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