Dr. Alddo Molinar’s Early Life, Career Journey, and Success Tips

There’s a general belief that one must undertake education to gain the needed skills for a given profession. However, the reality points to something different. It’s possible to become an expert in any field even without pursuing the relevant course. Although education is a crucial component of the journey, many other factors play a significant role. The Medical Director of Anesthesia at the East Ohio Regional Hospital (EORH), Dr. Alddo Molinar, gives eye-opening insights on this matter. He explains several things that one must do to become a successful doctor. He is a highly skilled anesthesiologist currently serving at the EORH, Ohio Valley Medical Center, and many other hospitals in the region.


Anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar


Dr. Alddo Molinar also serves as the president of Molinar Anesthesia Consultants, a medical firm established in 2020. His vast medical experience of over 15 years makes it difficult to ignore his ideas. He showed great potential in technical subjects at an early age. He performed better than his peers and enjoyed assembling and disassembling various tools whenever he got the opportunity. His interest in medicine began when he was five years old. Alddo Molinar said becoming a doctor was all he ever wanted in life. Dr. Alddo Molinar intensified his interest in the medical field after seeing his grandparents suffer and die from cancer. This prompted him to visit the El Paso Rio Grande Health Clinic in Texas. He offered a helping hand to the community while learning from the professionals. 


Anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar then proceeded to the University of Texas and pursued an undergraduate degree in Biology. Owing to his commitment and desire to save lives, Dr. Alddo furthered his education in the same institution, earning his MD. He then undertook his medical residency at the Cleveland Health Clinic. While at the Ohio-based health facility, he practiced medicine and learned additional neurology and critical care skills. Dr. Alddo Molinar affirms that being a doctor is an involving job. Since he is an anesthesiologist, Molinar ensures that all patients are well prepared before heading to operation or surgery rooms. He ensures that patients never feel any pain during such medical procedures. Dr. Alddo also walks from ward to ward, including the pre and post-operation sections, to ensure every patient is okay. He manages the tight schedule through planning and self-motivation. Molinar also revealed that he begins early enough to provide time for all his tasks. 

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