Dean Omar Brings Staggering Win for Widow

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 Grieving widow, Gerri Coogan was recently awarded $81.5 million on behalf of her deceased husband. Coogan filed suit against Napa Auto Parts. Her lawyers, Dean Omar Branham Shirley, charged that the brand has knowingly sold asbestos-laden parts that ultimately contributed to her Gerri’s husband’s 2015 death at the age of sixty-seven. 

 Her husband, nicknamed “Doy,” had spent nearly his entire life tinkering with various vehicles, often using Napa parts for his projects. Dean Omar contends that many companies knowingly continue to sell parts containing asbestos for years despite knowing the potential havoc asbestos could cause. The original lawsuit in 2015 also involved six other companies accused of selling parts with asbestos, including Deer & Co., Honeywell International Inc., and Formosa Plastics Corp., USA. However, the judge gave those companies, along with two others, a summary judgment a little over a year into the lawsuit. 

 Dean Omar secured a huge win in this case, not just for Gerri Coogan and her late husband, but for all consumers trusting that the items they are buying are safe and not going to lead to potential death. Dean Omar’s case also sheds a light on how pervasive a problem deadly and dangerous substances are within the auto and agricultural industries specifically. The team of Dean Omar is passionate about holding companies responsible for their output and its effects on people and communities. Their respective careers have been dedicated to advocating for those that have been negatively impacted by companies’ flagrant disregard for safety standards.