David Schmidt is Providing a Way to Stay Youthful While We Age

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With more than three decades of experience in product development David Schmidt is one of the most well-respected businessmen in the nation.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, David has founded multiple startups that have gone on to become thriving businesses.

However, he is most known for the founding of LifeWave, a global health and wellness company.

David is also an established investor who owns several dozen patents.

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Most of which are in the field of regenerative science and technology.

Other than his LifeWave technology inventions he developed a new method for producing hydrogen and oxygen while working at Advanced Applications Group, an energy production company that specialized in developing technologies for military use, among other things.

thanks to his many inventions he has been the recipient of some very prestigious awards including an honorary doctorate from the International Hall of Fame of Inventors.

Already operating in more than 100 countries LifeWave is expected to continue to grow.

Due to its rapid expansion, it is largely considered by experts as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

Lifewave’s latest product, the X39 patch, has garnered a lot of attention in the wellness community.

Despite the U.S. only requiring one clinical study, the product has undergone multiple with even more planned in the future.

David and his team want to be sure the patch is both safe and effective.

The trials have yielded some very positive results. For instance, it’s been proven to improve metabolism in very tangible ways.

David hopes his work will one day lead to a world where people are able to maintain their youthful qualities through the aging process.