Citizen App Technology

The Citizen app is high-tech software that leverages crowd-sourced content and police scanning to notify residents of local incidents in the United States. The software was first released in 2016 under the name Vigilante.

The app has been working hard to develop its features to provide extensive coverage and quickly respond to situations. The goal is to make it accessible to all users, including iOS device users.

The Citizen App plans to implement a premium subscription function that will provide users access to the services of a live safety agent when they are in highly stressful situations. Protect is the name of the new functionality.

The new feature allows the victim’s location to be seen, and they may instantly contact a Citizen app employee via video or text. This puts the employee in a better position because they can quickly contact 911 or other emergency personnel.

The agent can also access emergency contacts that you specify, alerting people in your area to come to your rescue. The citizen app has a simple call for help feature, such as yelling, that automatically adds to signals for assistance. Shaking your phone or tapping the “get an agent” option in your app are other options.

According to Crunchbase, Citizen App has attracted funding from capital firms involved in venturing and has earned about $130 million from different firms. Such firms include Sequoia Capital and Greycroft.

The app helped many people in the United States during the surge of Covid 19 infections. The diseases called for a quick response, which is the app’s work.

Like any other service provider app, the citizen app has faced some criticism and problems, but they have responded to dispel any doubts about their services. They intend to continue giving and enhancing help to their customers. Visit this page for additional information.


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