CashFX and their Economic Classes

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CashFX has a trading pack that is extremely helpful and beneficial to those who are just starting out in economic trading.

This pack is called the Trading Academy Pack (or TAP for short), this pack is a set of advanced trading lessons that help make information easier to digest.

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TAP also helps those who want to achieve forex success achieve it easily without any issues.

CashFX’s platform consists of various brokers who are involved with various professional boards including the Financial Conduct Authority of London, the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles, and the Financial Conduct Authority of South Africa.

The program consists of a hands-on learning experience where students can learn the ins and outs of the financial market and learn the perfect ways to execute a trade in the competitive marketplace.

TAP also lets students speak to various trading experts who can give advice and teach the ropes of an advanced trading experience.

Contracts in TAP range from $300 to enormous prices such as $100k, this is because CashFX wants to make it cater to all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Typically, 70% of investments instantly go into the trading market, meanwhile, 30% goes into the TAP program. The money never goes into CashFX’s company itself.

The program also offers refunds to people who aren’t interested in the TAP program anymore, however, the program only offers a 70% refund as the remaining balance is used in a compensation plan.

TAP asks students if they would want to be an investor or a network builder, which is called bear and bull respectively.

A bear earns about two times the amount of investments put into the program.

However, the package will expire and students will have to purchase a new package or upgrade their current package. The withdrawals will also have to be in Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, a bull earns about two times their invested money from the trade pool and two times the money from networking.

However, being a bull is focused on referrals and word of mouth.

To be a bull, a student has to refer at least one person to make a profit.

They also need to constantly check their dashboard and eventually upgrade their package, similar to how being a bear requires an upgrade.

However, profits seem to be easy to gain as a bull.

Not only does CashFX have online classes, but they also have physical classes that can hold up to 150 people. The classes are only located in Panama, however.

The company also has other programs including Expert Advisors and Copy Trading.

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