Caroline Black Does Her Best Work At Dechert

Caroline Black has done a great many things over the course of her career. She earned an LLB from University of Birmingham. She has also earned an LPC from Nottingham Law School. Her primary focus in the world of law is the field of litigation. Caroline Black has also focused her attention on the important field of cross-border regulatory and internal investigations. In this role, she plays a crucial role as an advisor for many types of organizations. 


She helps ensure that all investigations by these organizations are conducted properly. She has worked with organizations such the UK Serious Fraud Office as well as the HM Revenue & Customs. Caroline Black has also worked closely with local police in the United Kingdom as well as police organizations that investigate all sorts of issues overseas. Her interest in law began early when she was a young child and her mother told her she would be a good lawyer. 


Her Current Firm 


After completing her undergraduate degree and law degree, attorney Caroline Black decided to join the law firm of Dechert LLP. Up to now, this law firm has a long and impressive history that extends back over a century. Over time, they earned a great deal of respect both in the United States and in many places across the world (Thelawyer). 

Today, the firm is part of an international global legal industry with offices in twenty-two countries including the United Kingdom and parts of Asia. As such, they are fully poised to respond to many kinds of legal cases. Caroline Black is pleased to be part of this important legal team. She has been very much a vital part of their work in many legal fields in the United Kingdom. She joined them in 2011. Since that time, she’s earned the firm’s respect and a promotion to partner.