Alex Molinaroli: MIT Engineer, Entrepreneur and CEO of Envision Energy

Alex A Molinaroli is a brilliant MIT engineer, entrepreneur and CEO of Envision Energy. He is an expert in the field of energy supply and demand, who has helped shape the US energy policy for over 20 years.

Molinaroli and the new energy economy: Envision has developed a technology that can store energy as compressed air in underground repositories of porous rock formations. Molinaroli claims the process is 70% efficient and costs half as much to make electricity as traditional power stations do.

Alex A Molinaroli has been a professor of energy at the University of Michigan and spent four years in Washington, DC as an energy policy adviser to US Senator Spencer Abraham. In 1998 Alex A Molinaroli founded Sion Power, which developed lithium sulfur dioxide batteries for automobile applications. In 2009 he became president of Johnson Controls’ worldwide battery and building efficiency business.

In 2014 Molinaroli became CEO of Envision, a position he holds today. A good example for change in the workplace is his decision to move Envision HQ from Arizona to Michigan. His reasons were that the company needed access to automotive talent pools in southeastern Michigan. “The community here gives us what we need to move quickly and efficiently as an organization.”

Molinaroli will be the first CEO of a US manufacturing company to address Davos . He is expected to share his insights on how business leaders can now lead the way with their own clean energy initiatives, instead of waiting for policy frameworks.

Background: An engineer by training, Molinaroli graduated from MIT in 1992 with a BS degree in electrical engineering and computer science. In 1996 he completed his PhD in the same subjects at the University of Michigan.

In 2013 the University of Michigan granted him an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering Sciences.

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